Swimming Pool Heat Pump Installation, Service and Maintenance in WV & VA

Superior Service Heating & Air Conditioning offers comprehensive pool heat pump installation, maintenance, and repair service for all brands. Pool heat pumps are a valuable investment. They enable you to extend the time that you are able to comfortably use your swimming pool throughout the day and earlier and later into the swimming season than possible with solar covers. Contact us to learn more about whether a, eco-friendly heat pump is a good choice for your West Virginia or Virginia pool.

How Does a Pool Heat Pump Work?

Heat pumps for pools work by efficiently gathering any available heat from the air around the swimming pool, condensing it, and the transferring the energy to the water of your pool. This method is ideal for warming the water of your swimming pool while offering significant energy savings when the ambient air temperature exceeds 50° F.

What Are the Advantages of a Pool Heat Pump?

There are many advantages to installing a heat pump to assist with heating the water of your swimming pool in our service areas of West Virginia and Virginia. Despite being easier to install, our pool heat pumps are a dependable and financially prudent investment over the long-term. In addition, pool heat pumps:

  • Require Very Minimal Maintenance
  • Typically Cost Under $50/Month to Operate
  • Do Not Release Dangerous Carbon Monoxide Gas
  • Can Be Used to Heat AND Cool the Pool
  • Are Extremely Energy Efficient to Operate
  • Offer Quiet Operation

Increase the Usability and Comfort of Your Pool With a Heat Pump

Contact Superior Service Heating & Air Conditioning for answers to all of your questions about pool heat pumps and how we can help you increase the usability and comfort of your swimming pool. We offer free consultations and estimates. Let us know how we can help! To request more information or schedule your pool heat pump installation, call us at: (304) 596-8857.