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Stay warm inside. Superior Service Heating & Air Conditioning provides our residential customers with licensed comprehensive maintenance, repair, and installation service. We are a proud furnace dealer and complete service provider and offer numerous valuable features to ensure that your home will stay reliably comfortable and as warm as you would like it to be while offering maximum efficiency to maximize your home energy budget anywhere within our extensive eight county service area in VA and WV.

Count on Superior Service Heating & Air Conditioning for:

  • Quick, Efficient Service
  • Reliable Furnaces from the Best Brand in the Industry
  • 24/7 Licensed Professional Repairs
  • Energy-Efficient Furnace Installation
  • Comprehensive Furnace Maintenance
  • Traditional Furnace & Geothermal Heat Pump Service

Choose a High-Quality AC Unit From Bryant

We will assist you with choosing a high-quality AC system from Bryant® to meet your needs for year-round comfort with a level of efficiency that will allow you to operate your system as often as you like without fear of opening your monthly electric bill. Rest assured that your installation is guaranteed and will be completed in accordance with all applicable federal, state, and local codes.

Enjoy Superior Energy Savings With a Geothermal Heating & Cooling Unit

As homeowners around the world learn more about the exceptional benefits of geothermal heating and cooling, more and more units are installed resulting in the enjoyment of superior energy savings for geothermal customers and a vastly decreased carbon footprint on the planet. In fact, the environmental impact of the installation of a geothermal system is roughly equivalent to planting 750 trees.

Choose Geothermal to Reduce Your Heating Expenses by up to 80%

Superior Service Heating & Air Conditioning is a proud ClimateMaster GeoElite® Dealer offering professional installation of the finest geothermal heat pump systems in the world. ClimateMaster® has been a world leader in geothermal system production for over 50 years. Contact us to learn more about how we can help you save up to 80% on your energy bills with a geothermal heat pump system. When you augment your home heating system with a quality geothermal unit from ClimateMaster®, you are assured of continual energy savings and superior, quiet comfort throughout all of the seasons. A geothermal system expenses and assist with home humidification needs.

What Are Your Heating Needs?

We offer free professional consultations from our trained service staff to determine exactly what your heating needs are and how to gain the most efficiency with your energy budget. A heating unit that is too large will be as inefficient to operate as a unit that is too small, and vice versa. Let us help ensure that your new furnace will provide you with the optimal level of heat efficiency.

Guaranteed Furnace and Heating System Installation

In addition to our guaranteed furnace and heating system installation, Superior Service Heating & Air Conditioning provides complete HVAC maintenance and repair service. We are available to serve your repair needs at all times, 24/7, and will help you maximize the efficiency of your home’s heating system with our valuable HVAC preventive maintenance service. If you are having trouble deciding whether repair or replacement is the best choice for your budget, we will come to your home and provide a free consultation based on your particular heating system, energy demands, and budget to provide you with the facts to help you make the best decision for you and your family.

The Best Heating Services Contractor Offering the Highest-Quality Furnaces

Superior Service Heating & Air Conditioning strives to be the best heating services contractor in the region by offering only the highest quality furnaces known for their enduring reliability, as well as courteous knowledgeable staff members who go above and beyond to assist you with all of your heating system needs.

We are here to answer all of your questions regarding the installation, maintenance, or repair of your furnace or home heating system. Contact Superior Service Heating & Air Conditioning at: (304) 596-8857.