Experienced Geothermal Contractor Serving Martinsburg WV and Northern VA

Superior Service Heating & Air Conditioning installs geothermal climate control systems to provide significant home energy savings for our valued customers in Martinsburg WV and throughout our West Virginia and Northern Virginia service areas. We are a proud ClimateMaster GeoElite® Dealer. Let us help you keep more of your hard earned money with the installation of a premium-quality, extraordinarily high efficiency geothermal heat pump system by ClimateMaster®.

Choose Geothermal for Heating, Cooling, and Humidity Control

Geothermal systems can be utilized to provide comprehensive climate control assistance. Choose a high-quality ClimateMaster® system for all of your major home comfort necessities including:

  • Heating
  • Cooling
  • Humidity Control
  • Water Heating

Geothermal is Environmentally Friendly and Cost-Effective

Geothermal systems are, by far, the most environmentally friendly and cost-effective means of heating and cooling your home. For every unit of fuel consumed, a ClimateMaster® heat pump provides an average of 3-4 units of heating or cooling power. At this efficiency level, you may enjoy savings of nearly 80% of your current home energy expenditure.

Enjoy Superior Energy Savings With a Geothermal Heating & Cooling Unit

As homeowners around the world learn more about the exceptional benefits of geothermal heating and cooling, more and more units are installed resulting in the enjoyment of superior energy savings for geothermal customers and a vastly decreased carbon footprint on the planet. In fact, the environmental impact of the installation of a geothermal system is roughly equivalent to planting 750 trees.

ClimateMaster®: World’s Largest Geothermal Manufacturer & Made in USA

At Superior Service Heating & Air Conditioning, we are proud to offer comprehensive installation service of ClimateMaster® Geothermal Systems. ClimateMaster® is the world’s largest and most reputable manufacturer of geothermal heating & cooling systems. ClimateMaster® units are proudly made in the U.S.A. and installed by independent factory authorized installers. When you purchase your ClimateMaster® geothermal climate control system, you can rest assured because we are a ClimateMaster GeoElite® Dealer. We have been trained to professionally install, maintain, and repair all ClimateMaster® systems. With over five decades of reliable service, you can rely on ClimateMaster® to provide any necessary parts and customer service whenever you may need it.

What Is a Geothermal System Composed Of?

The three main components of a geothermal system are:

  • Geothermal Heat Pump: Moves heat to and from the fluid in the pipelines installed within the in-Earth pipelines
  • In-Earth Connection Pipeline: Transfers excess heat to the ground in the summer and moves heat from the fluid within the ground in the winter. Heat is transferred to and from the Earth to obtain a base level of approximately 50°
  • Distribution System: Delivers the heating or cooling to the home.

What Types of Geothermal Systems Are Available?

There are different types of Geothermal Earth Loops. There are four types of geothermal systems that we can install to best meet your needs according to your property layout and lifestyle.

  • Closed-Loop System: Water is circulated through small diameter pipelines in an underground loop. This type of system can be installed in a pond (if available), horizontally, or vertically
  • Open-Loop System: This system is the most economical and is a viable option if a source of groundwater, such as a well, is available. Loops are installed deep within the water of the well
  • Pond Loop System: The installation cost of a pond loop system is much less than all of the other types of systems because minimal excavation is required. The loops are installed in the bottom of the pond
  • Horizontal Loop System: This type of system is ideal when adequate land is available to install 100-400’ of pipeline in underground trenches

For diagrams on these systems, click hereFor diagrams on these systems, click here

Harness the Power of the Earth to Heat & Cool Your Home

Superior Service Heating & Air Conditioning will assist you with harnessing the power of the Earth to power the heating and cooling of your home with the assistance of a ClimateMaster® geothermal system. These innovative systems can be used to assist you with lowering your heating, cooling, and water heating bills by up to 80%. They can also be used to heat your swimming pool and as an efficient means of under floor heating. A few feet beneath the surface of your backyard, the temperature is maintained at a consistent and reliable 50-60° year-round. This moderate temperature can be used to your advantage as a heat sink ( to absorb excessive heat from your home) in the summer and provide a warmer base for heating in the water.

Remarkable Heat Transfer with ClimateMaster Geothermal

ClimateMaster® geothermal systems operate by exchanging and transferring heat between your home and the underground pipelines installed beneath the ground. For example, instead of processing air that is initially 85° in the summer to cool down to an acceptable level (or processing outside air that is initially 32° in the winter to warm all the way up to your ideal comfort level) you are able to access the consistently moderate temperature beneath the ground to enjoy remarkable energy savings.

Energy Star’s Most Efficient Geothermal Heat Pump and HVAC Systems

ClimateMaster® geothermal heat pump and HVAC systems have earned the most efficient rating by Energy Star®. This efficiency saves you money on your energy expenditure, as well as lessens your impact on the environment. Unlike traditional heating and cooling systems that start and stop frequently (and use significant quantities of energy each time), ClimateMaster’s geothermal systems maintain a steady temperature for superior efficiency and comfort. ClimateMaster’s Trilogy® 45 system is the most efficient system in the industry. Contact Superior Service Heating & Air Conditioning to learn more about how we can help you achieve the maximum possible energy efficiency at a reasonable price.

ClimateMaster® is the Most Trusted Geothermal HVAC Brand in the US

When Lifestory Research sought to find the most trusted HVAC brands in the United States, ClimateMaster® was the sole geothermal brand in the rankings. With an outstanding energy rating of 400-600% efficiency, our customers rely on ClimateMaster® geothermal heating and cooling systems for the best possible efficiency, as well as unparalleled reliability and endurance.